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Free $100/Day Make Money by Listening to Music

Are you love to listen to music while Hearing music lost time did you make any money if your answer is NO then hereafter while hearing music you are going to make money with it only by your smartphones, laptop or PC from anywhere in the world with data connection just sign into the websites mentioned in this guide and make tons of money from this sites by just listening music you can withdraw that money into your PayPal account.

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Make Money by Listening to Music Is Too Good to Be True?

For this simple answer is Yes it is Good and also True more people are making money from this method. In this world making money online without any skills also possible, Yes listening music making money also one of the ways of making money without any skills.

make money by listening to music


What is Slicethepie?

Slicethepie could be a website that pays you to administer honest reviews.

It claims to be the biggest paid review site out there.

It’s mostly focused on music. it absolutely was started in order that unknown musicians would get the prospect to own their music reviewed.

Aspiring artists can submit their songs for review to the positioningand acquire invaluable feedback.

While most of the reviews you write will concentrate on music, you’ll be able to also review clothing, accessories, and commercials.

Your reviews help clients, including artists and fashion designers, by providing them with honest feedback.

Essentially, the artist or designer gets to use your review to enhance their products, and you get paid.

It’s a win-win situation.

So, try our Slicethepie review to determine if the platform could be a worthwhile money-making option. Grammar CheckCheck PlagiarismDownload Report

How to make money with Slicethepie!

You can choose between some different categories, like Music, Fashion, Mobile After you’ve chosen your category, it’s time to check the merchandise that you’re visiting review.

If you’re visiting review music, then you’ll hear a minimum of 90 seconds of the track. you would like to write down an honest review. Note things that you simply liked and disliked, and confirm that you simply mention some specific aspects, just like the vocals or the assembly.

You also must rate the track that you just hear out of ten. You won’t be ready to see the name of the artist or the track name until you’ve written your review. For fashion and mobile, you’ve got to require a glance at the small print and photos that you simply are given for the merchandise.

After you’ve gone over the photos and therefore the information, you wish to administer comments on things just like the material, the design, and whether or not you’d die. Like with music, you furthermore might must give the item a rating out of ten. you would possibly even have to answer some additional questions. Now, it’s time to submit your review.

After you submit your review, you get paid. What’s great about the website is that it pays via PayPal. this can be really handy!

Getting paid via PayPal is far quicker than other payment methods like checks.

Please detain mind that the e-mail address on your Slicethepie account has to match the e-mail address that’s on your PayPal account.

But, don’t worry if you signed up employing a different email address. you’ll be able to send the positioning an email telling them that you just have to change your email address on your account to match your PayPal one.

Also, you wish to form sure that your account includes your date of birth. you’ll do that by visiting the “Balance” section of your account.

There’s a minimum earnings threshold of $10, which you’ll hit before you’ll withdraw your cash.

They will read your review before paying you. PayPal payments from the positioning generally take up to 5 working days to process.

Slicethepie Referral Code

Use this UB69C7BC referral code to get a free signup bonus in Slicethepie.

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Musicxray Review

According to their Facebook page, Music Xray was officially founded on June 1, 2009. It goes without saying, the music industry has changed within the last couple of decades with the increase of digital downloads and peer-to-peer software just like the gone-but-not-forgotten Napster.

Music Xray isn’t necessarily about digital downloads though. It’s about music artists and industry professionals.

Making money by paying attention to music is merely a tiny low part of Music Xray’s platform. Their primary purpose is to produce talented musicians with exposure and opportunities additionally as industry professionals with sources of recent talent and music.

Music fans acquire play by taking note of undiscovered music for commercial purposes in their spare time and getting paid for it.

Making Money with Musicxray

Once logged in you will be asked to make an account, which incorporates sharing your music preferences so that they can send songs that match your tastes.

Songs are sent via email but please note; these are time-limited opportunities. There’s a delegated quota for every song, so promptly logging into your account for the task is usually recommended, otherwise, you will lose the chance to some other person.

At the time of review, Music Xray is paying 10 cents per song you hear. you simply have to hear some of a song (about 1 minute), which on my behalf of me may be a bit disappointing (because what if you actually liked the song?).

Pay is thru PayPal, which is convenient for many people. It’s my preferred method of payment.

But there’s a tiny low problem here… they need a minimum payout of $20.

Twenty bucks won’t look like much, but at 10 cents per song and available opportunities often far and few between, it could take a long time to succeed in the $20 withdrawal limit.

The thing sites like these are designed to be exclusive sources of income, and that is okay. you’ll earn touch money with Music Xray.

Make Money by Listening to Music blog2boss
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RadioEarn may be a web platform where once registered you’ve got the chance to concentrate to the radio and be acquired every minute spent being attentive to their music.

Simply put, every quarter-hour of being attentive to the radio you may be credited with 0.25 points which then at the top of the month if you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold (1000 points are about 3 $) are going to be deposited to your PayPal account.

There are 4 radios available with different types of music, you’ll also start all 4 together and take away the degree to all or any or only people who don’t interest us, the points will come anyway, whether or not we don’t seem to be physically at the PC.

It is not possible to pay attention to any or all the stations simultaneously but only 1 at a time.

To start the radios and begin accumulating points, head to the menu on the left

Start Earning -> Listen Radio -> Start Radio

Just keep the pages of the radio open with the net on and also the points arrive one after the opposite.

Making a fast calculation, there are 4 radios and each quarter-hour they credit you 0.25 points. Keeping all 4 radios open we get to create 4 points per hour and slightly below 3,000 points per month, which equals more or less $10 a month or an extra $120 a year.


You’ll must create an account with the location. it’s liberated to register a replacement account. the positioning requires that you simply fill in your screen name, email address, password, ethnicity, gender, birth date, country of origin, and itinerant number.

If you’ve got a referral code, there’s an area at the underside of the registration form to fill during this information. Anyone can join the location, however, on the registration form, it clearly states that US residence is that the just one who is eligible for the prizes. the location will send you a verification email. Just follow the link to verify your email address.

Listening to Music – you’ll be taking note of different song clips on the positioning. Each clip is around 90 seconds long. When the clip ends, you’ll must rate this song. Afterward, you’ll must write up a review of the song. allow them to know what you prefer or didn’t like about the song. Once you submit your rating and review, you’ll earn 3 points in your account.

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You’ll need 100 points in your account to trade your points sure an opportunity to win one in all the gift cards. the location holds weekly raffles for various Amazon gift cards.

You’ll use your points to shop for the raffle tickets. you’ll win a $20, $50, or maybe a $100 gift card.
There are 3 different raffles held hebdomadally. The raffles are supported the worth of the gift cards.

You’ll need:

  • 100 points in your account to shop for a raffle ticket of the $20 gift card.
  • 200 points will buy you a raffle ticket for the $50 gift card.
  • 500 points will buy you a raffle ticket for the $100 gift card.

Each week the location holds the raffle drawing and if you’re a winner, you’ll be notified by email.


I hope this makes money from listening to music one of the best side hustle for music lovers because they love to listen to music so they don’t feel bored while hearing music so they can listen to music for relaxing also making some side income from this! A person who is not like listening to music will difficult to earn from this method Don’t worry there more other cool stuff to make money from online in our Blog2boss you can find your best method suitable to you, Thank You.

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