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Learn How to Start a Blogging Business! Create a Successful Blog with these 8 Things

How to Start a Blogging Business

Are You Looking for How to Start a Blogging Business?

You Think, Is Blogging is a Business? The answer is! Yes, Blogging is now a Day’s Become as a One of the Best Online Business. A few Years back Blogging is only for sharing Knowledge or Writing for Hobby but at this digital trend it is business Yes with this You can make tons of income World top blog is making $500 million per year.

So I told You to Learn Blogging Business to make a good Income from Your Home or anywhere You Like and You can work which time suitable to you.

If You have any Questions or You Struggling in any step to create a blog You can contact me I will reply to every Individual Talk with Me!

Ready To Create! Click here to Skip Intro and Enter 1st Step to Creating Blog

Hi, I’m Dhanush and I will show you how to start a Blogging Business (How to Start Blogging) Now. I have running several successful blog in various niches and my Blogging Business going in very good. I just got an idea to help people who need to build a Successful Blog.

Starting a Blog is a very easy one If You have the mindset of creating and running a blog very though Then Please erase it because running a Blog is a very easy one If you did not believe then read this guide fully then you to will tell blogging is a very easy one!

In the beginning, I start with basic computer skills, I don’t have any knowledge about blogging and at the beginning, I made lots of mistakes to avoid those mistakes learn from my experience.

I learned blogging totally for free on google from several sites and I have just taken the best part of every guide and I started my career and Now I have become a Successful Blogger. This Guide Totally returned from my experience.

Believe me, You to can make a successful blog and this can become a successful Blogging Business and This Blogging career will Change Your Lifestyle if you follow this Guide.

Don’t pay anyone for learning blogging Everyone will teach you the same so don’t waste your money for scammers to learn blogging and This How to Start a Blogging Business Guide is Totally free you can create an awesome blog in just 6 Steps.

Now Learn How to create a Successful Blog with these 8 Things:

How to Start a Blogging Business

1.Pick a Profitable Niche
2.Get a Blog Name and Hosting
3.Design Your Blog and add Requirings
4.Setting Up SEO to your Blog
5.Write Your First Blog Post
6.Adding Site to Google and Setting Analytics
7.Website Promoting Plan
8.Common Questions About Blogging

Pick a Profitable Niche for You

If You are Going to run a Niche website then Read This part Otherwise Skip It!

Picking Niche is the Important one to start a Blogging career. Niche is Selecting Topic For Your Blog.

How to select Niche for Your Blog is Your Question? I have an answer for you!

I had my first own website. I obviously didn’t have a clear goal or a niche with my site. It’s was all about a joke what I like I will Post it like Cricketers, Celebrity pictures, etc.

My site did not find any specific audience. The website Created was just a waste of time and money

But if you are serious about your blogging, you definitely need a niche. You can run without a Niche. But, don’t expect any profit from your website.

I’m not saying you can’t monetize a blog without a single niche. But I say it is very complicated. Especially at the beginning of your blogging journey, you need to give importance to focusing on a niche market.

While Choosing Niche You need to focus On Passion, Your strengths, knowledge & skills, Profitability, Audience, and Competition.

Find Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas 2022

What Do You speak the whole day with Your Family, Friends and Your Closed Ones?

If You answer Immediately Then You have Found Your Niche!

Always try to focus on which Topic is your Strength. If You are a medical student then you can start running a Blog on medical niche what you learning day-to-day Post that as your Content most successful blogs are running in this way.

As a Beginner Don’t go for Broad Category For example Medical is your Niche then try to find a micro niche on that topic like How to maintain hygiene try to write tons of posts related to hygiene by doing like this you can rank on google easily

Try to Find a Profitable niche any niche can be profitable, but some are easier to monetize than others. Display ads can be shown on any website. Still, if you can make money with affiliate marketing, sell digital and physical products, online courses, write sponsored posts, that’s even better!

Without readers, your website is not worth too much. Your niche needs to be attractive enough to get traffic to your blog, without traffic you can’t monetize.

Blogs are already staying for a long time, so whatever niche you choose, be prepared for competition. Every Niche has a Competition at this trend. But make sure you find a unique angle. Uniquely give Your content to attract your readers.

Ask These Questions to Yourself!

  • What you passionate about? related to your hobbies or career?
  • What strengths and skills do you have?
  • How do you plan to monetize your blog?
  • Who is your targeted audience?
  • Is there competition?
  • How you can differentiate from other blogs?

You should have some ideas now about the niche. If you have just one, great! don’t spend too much time on it. Choose one niche and stick with that, and let us move to the next one.

Get a Blog Name and Hosting

Think about what your blog is about and the categories you are going to be covering. Then for each of those, write whatever words first come to mind.

Think about keywords

Over 90% of the entire online traffic comes from Google and other search engines. Readers who need quality content will use an engine to discover relevant blogs, so you definitely need to think about keywords that perfectly describe your content.

Easy to Memorable

Try to come up with easy to memorable. This part is important for a new blog, Name should get remembered by as many visitors as possible to get return visitors. You can check competitors websites they can also help you to think of a memorable blog name.

Things To Avoid

Misspelling Words on Purpose, Names That are Too Long, Adding Irrelevant Information, and Words that don’t mean anything Try to avoid these ones.

Try Blog Name Generators

  • Name Boy
  • Name Mesh
  • Domain Wheel
  • Is It WP
  • Lean Name Search
  • Panabee

Getting Domain and Hosting

Next, I will show you how to set up a self-hosted blog with Bluehost.

Bluehost is a web hosting company. What is mean by that?

It’s a company that will store and keep your blog’s content safe on its servers. It’s a great hosting company for beginners, as it’s easier to set up than its competitors and more importantly cheap.

I totally understand that when you are starting out and not making any income from the blog, you want to pay as little as you can.

Step 1:

Go to the Bluehost website.

You can click on the link above and go to the Bluehost homepage.

how to start a blogging business

Step 2:

Click here to get $2.95/month with Free Domain (This is the only amount you going to pay for starting a Blog)

How to Start a Blogging Business

Step 3:

A domain is the URL of Your Blog. Think about it for a while, because you can’t change it later. Click Here to Get All Bluehost plans with a Free Domain.

how to start a blogging business

Now, enter your contact information and the extra you’d like to purchase. While you can get the extras later, I Highly recommend you to get Site Backup Pro. Because You don’t want to lose all your work.

how to start a blogging business
how to start a blogging business

Step 4:

Now, you will be transferred to the part like payment. Just remember that Bluehost charges you for the full 36-month agreement, upfront, similar to most hosts.

how to start a blogging business

Bluehost will find recommendations on more domains available for you with a different extension. You don’t need to purchase those.

Step 5:

A system will ask you to select a password that you will be using to log in to your website.

how to start a blogging business
how to start a blogging business

Step 6:

This step is optional as you can either select a theme that Bluehost offer, or install your own. You can also skip this option and deal with it later.

how to start a blogging business

Step 7:

Here you can choose any one of these:
Start Building your website on WordPress or Go to your Bluehost account (CPanel)
If you pick the first option, your WordPress dashboard will look like the screenshot below.

how to start a blogging business

Step 8:

You are almost going to complete it. You can choose to launch your site or display a ‘Coming Soon’ page and launch whenever you are ready.

how to start a blogging business

Step 9:

Once you’re ready to launch you’ll see this:

How to Start a Blogging Business

Design Your Blog and add Requirings

Now that you have set up Your blog, Then you need to give a Beautiful look to your blog as a Beginner Try to Use free Resouces.

Check This Video to Get More Knowledge

Check how your competitor blogs are looking try to get Ideas from that and Create a Blog Design in a Unique attractive way to attract your readers.

Your Blog design wants to give a brand feel to your visitors and Set Your Blog as user-friendly Don’t confuse your visitors with lots of Buttons.

You need to set a decent logo for your Blog. Before getting a meaningful number of visitors. Don’t add too many ads to your blog, Leave a lot of white space on your blog it gives a good feel to your readers.

Try to add some social sharing buttons to help your readers to share your posts in various mediums. The best thing about WordPress is You can get more free Social Sharing Plugins.

Add Basic pages like the Privacy policy page, Contact page, About page to build Trust to your Readers and also these pages are very Important, So Add Those Page You can search in google for free Privacy policy Generator it will use to you.

Setting Up SEO to your Blog

1.Make sure search engines can see you

WordPress has a built-in setting if You turned on that one then it will discourage search engines from looking at your site. This can be useful for development or private sites, but should always be switched off otherwise you can’t rank in search engines.

Go to Settings / Reading and look for the “Search Engine Visibility” setting. Make sure it is switched off!

how to start a blogging business

2.Set Permalinks

Always set permalinks for Post name it is very good for SEO for every post.

To enable Post name permalinks, go to your WordPress dashboard → Settings → Permalinks. Select the structure labelled “Post name”

how to start a blogging business

Write Your First Blog Post

You have to found a topic and you have to create a structure of the main points that you are going to talk about with your readers.

For example, if you write a guide on healthy Protein, you can start with something like:

  • What is Protein?
  • Protein Rich Food vs Protein Powder
  • Drinking vs Eating Protein
  • What is Positive Protein Balance
  • Etc.

When the general structure is good then the structure is much ready you can start adding information to the questions or headings.

No worries, if You’re not a Protein expert? Research and Write. You can start the research process by writing down the information you need. Just make sure that you gain the information from the correct sources only. You can get information from Google get Knowledge from google and write in your own words.

Now there is actually a bit of debate going about on long-form blog posts or short-form blog posts. Long-form blog posts are liked by search engines. But giving good content with short-form blog posts also will rank I will always tell you don’t think long-form or short-form try to give good content to your reader then I sure you will rank good try to write a minimum of 600 words for good SEO in Post.

Adding Site to Google Search Console and Analytics

Check This Video for Adding Site to Google Search Console

Check This Video for Adding Site to Google Analytics

Bring Targeted Traffic to Your Site


What are Quora?
Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers.

What is SEO and How it Works [Learn SEO in 3 Minutes]

To Get Traffic from Quora- Design Your Quora Profile and Bio like a Pro! Use the Question similar to your Article and website niche Write Quora Answers Like a Pro and Don’t Copy Paste I will not Useful there is also a chance for Banding your Quora Account and also Join space that is similar to your niche to get targeted audience.

Post Contents on Social Media

Post Your Content on Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest to increase your website traffic maintain all your social media account profiles like branded One Check your competitors to get more Ideas. Join groups that are similar to your niche to get a targeted audience.


What are Forums? A forum is a place for discussion.

Nowadays Forums are very popular among people and You can target Forums which is similar to your niche.

How to Get More Hits on Your Website? Absolutely without SEO!

Way’s to Make Money from Your Blog

You can monetize your Blog in various methods like Pay Per Click Advertising with (Google AdSense and Other), Selling Ad Space on your Blog, Doing Affiliate Marketing related to your niche, Donation Based Monetization, Selling Your Own Products or Services on your Blog, Get Sponsored Content, Adding Membership to your Blog.

You can build a minimum of 6 Streams of income with your single blog every human are working hard for building 6 streams of Income but blogging is one of the best and easy way to achieve that goal. Don’t waste your time by thinking about that Take immediate action it will change your lifestyle.

If You have any Questions or You Struggling in any step to create a blog or any Confusion in getting a Hosting Service You can contact me I will reply to every Individual Talk with Me!

Common Questions About Blogging

I will often Update this Part according to People Questions!

Which blogging platform is best?

I always tell blog is the best way to go. WordPress is the most mature platform out of other platforms and SEO is also very good for Google Ranking.

Should I pay for a blogging site or should I use a free service?

I would always suggest paying for a blog. When you pay for something, you will automatically do more serious about that because you are invested in it.

The most reliable site to buy your website domain name are BlueHost.

If You use Free Blog that will not give a Brand feel for your users

For Example, is paid one look and is Free one look now think which one gives you Branded Feel!

Always go for Paid blog!

What does it mean to “self-host” and is it the right option for me?

When you are self-hosted that means that your blog is the only site hosted on that server. With shared hosting, the amount of disk space and bandwidth you are allotted is limited because others are sharing on that server.

You don’t want to go for self-host service for your blog until it gets really big and until you get tons of traffic, “shared hosting” is totally Good.

How can I make a mobile-friendly website layout?

Before selecting a theme, make sure there is a mobile version for that theme.

How do I make my blog show up on search engines?

Just Check the above step Adding Site to Google Search Console and Analytics It will help you to show your blog on search engines.

How can I make sure I follow copyright laws correctly?

Never get images directly from Google. Use royalty-free images from sites like


How do I get people to read my posts?

Make sure to follow these two steps Bring Targeted Traffic to Your Site and Write Your First Blog Post it will give you good result.

How often should I post?

As often as you can consistently do so. I would suggest at least 3 times a week to get a better result.

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