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How to get Free Money in 2022? 10 Clever Way’s are Here!

how to get free money

Everyone needs money and everyone think I need money today for free! Yes, Thinking to get free Money is not wrong because, in this digital world, everyone needs to have more money to live life in our own dreaming way!

How to get Free Money

Getting money for free is possible, and I made a few hundreds of dollar on the freeway in my free time. In my experience, I listed the best 10 Clever Way’s to get Free Money as your side hustle.

Read this How to get Free Money article completely to choose the best method suitable to you because every method will not suit everyone and also, in the end, I shared my own tricks to make your income in a passive way, Without wasting a minute learn this and get money in your bank account now free.

Survey for Money

Before I Talking about Survey sites I tell you How survey sites are paying us, Top companies need to know the people mindset to market their products so they will give more money for suvrvey sites that survey site will divide and give few dollar’s to us in this way they are getting and they devide and giving few dollar to us for answering in their surveys.

Earning with Survey site is a popular online earning method among the people. To make good earning from the survey site you need to choose right survey to earn good income. Because there are are more scam sites.

Check this 10 Best Paying Survey Site in 2022 NOW!

If you want to make money with survey sites I can’t say this much you can make. But how much time you spending and taking surveys you will earn for that valuable times.

how to get free money

Refer and Earn

Refer and Earn is one of the easy ways to make $1000 according to your effort and smart work you will earn money from this method. At this digital trend, more apps and sites are offering to refer and earn option.

If you have social media follower or a number of people contact in mass numbers then I sure you will make thousands of dollars quickly without any investment. Don’t worry if you did not have these so you can get people through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and etc.

Just You need smart work with hard to get success in this Refer and Earn method I always suggest you this method Because I too made tons of money with these methods by Referring Sharemarket related apps.

how to get free money

Sell Feet Pics

Making Money by selling feet pics is such a crazy way of making money way. According to a few online report, people are making four thousand dollars monthly by only selling feet pics.

Selling feet pictures are the legal way there are few rumours selling feet pic is against government law but the real fact is it is legal to practice allowed and recognized in the USA, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and other countries.

There are sites like Foap and some similar sites. Foap offers $10 to buy a feet pic on their site. Single feet picture can sell multiple time If your feet picture become popular one then you can make money every month with a single picture also this can be a passive income method

Online Proofreading

Online Proofreading is a Demand Job in at the trend, Before telling earning potential I telling How this job actually works Proofreading is very simple finding a mistake in a text before Publishing it. That also You don’t want to check by yourself because there is more software like Grammarly etc.

You can get clients through freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork and more Getting the first client one of the thought ones but if your profile looks catchy and your service fee also need low if you fix these two then you will get more clients after getting a good review you can increase your service charge.

With Online Proofreading Job you can make up to $3000 per month also If your service is good You will get a bonus that also helps you to increase Your income.

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Looking for a side gig? Consider driving for Doordash, a premium delivery service app that has made it remarkably easy for delivery drivers to be a part of. As a premium “to your door” delivery service, Doordash becomes extremely popular in over 4000 cities across Australia, Canada and the USA.

You’re probably thinking ‘can I make real money with Doordash, the short answer is yes! you can certainly make $10-$25 per hour(base pay of $2-$10 each delivery+100% tips). unlike Uber and Lyft, Doordash drivers makes their money on their own schedule.

You even can maximise ur earnings by signing up with multiple delivery apps and delivering at the same time.


Website Testing for Money

You can Make Money with Website Testing. There are few sites like UserTesting, Enroll App, UserTest, UTest, Userfeel, Userlytics, WhatUsersDo. These sites will pay for Website Testing.

You need to Analyze the website and need submit your experience to respective sites If your reviews are correct and then You will earn money for Website Testing.

You can earn up to $7000 Dollars per month and there are more Website Testing companies and Website Testers also making a good income with this method.

how to get free money

Cashback for Shopping

Few site pay Cashback for Shopping You can sign up for sites like Rakuten, Dosh, BeFrugal, TopCashBack, SwagBucks, Drop, Freebird, Ibotta, etc to earn Cashback. You can earn up to 5% Cashback for Shopping So try to use the best Cashback for Shopping sites.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Recycling old mobiles for cash is easy! compare the best places to sell your mobile phone and get the most money. Hoping to recycle your old mobile for money? There are dozens of phone recycling services waiting to offer u cash in exchange for old devices, and it’s super straightforward to do.

They all operate in a similar way, so really it comes down to COMPARING THE QUOTED PRICES, and ur likelihood of getting that. These services will pay from $5-more than $200, depending on their make and quality. The key that u should know which I personally prefer is to focus on the condition of the phone. (for example). A perfect iPhone 4 may fetch between$180 and $220 depending on memory capacity but might sell for$60 if in non-working condition.

Depending on the condition, your phone will then either be sold, exported and broke down into parts for recycling. some of the best places to sell your recycled mobiles are eBay, gumtree, Twitter etc.

Read email for Money

You can definitely get paid to read emails by signing up with companies like Swagbucks,
InboxDollars, Unique Rewards, Fusion Cash, Inboxpays, CashCrate, Uniqpaid, MyPoints etc these companies will give money for reading emails, It can be a Good Side Hustle for You.

Final Thoughts of How to Get Free Money

Try to make money with this How to Get Free Money Guide I not listed Free money getting ways alone because making money for free will not stay in your Hands also most of the free money site are scam so don’t waste your time on scam site always try to make money in a legit way.

Thanks for reading this How to Get Free Money guide! any suggestion or anything wants to tell or ask to us share in the comment section and Bookmark our Blog2Boss to get interesting stuff.

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