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How to Fix Missed Schedule Post Error

Missed Schedule Post Error

Do you wish to fix the WordPress problem “Missed schedule post”?

WordPress has a built-in posts schedule feature that makes it simple to publish content at a later time. However, this feature does not always work, resulting in a Missed Schedule Post Error.

In this article, I’ll show you how to simply fix WordPress’s Missed schedule post problems.

Why Does the Error of Missed Scheduled Posts Occur?

Your hosting or plugin is to blame for this problem.

When you plan a post, WordPress usually uses a mechanism called Cron or WordPress Cron to publish it at the time you specify.

However, if your hosting server or a plugin is causing cron tasks to fail, WordPress will display a Missed Schedule Post error. Despite the fact that this is a regular WordPress issue, it affects just a small percentage of users.

How to Fix the WordPress Missed Scheduled Post Error

First, you must install and activate the Missed Scheduled Post Publisher plugin on your site. WPBeginner created this plugin, and the greatest part is that there are no settings to configure. All you have to do is install the plugin, and it will begin working on its own.

How to Fix Missed Schedule Post Error

Every 15 minutes, the plugin monitors your website to see whether any post schedules have been missed by WordPress. It publishes any missing schedule posts it discovers.

Tip: The speed of your WordPress site is unaffected by this plugin.

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