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How to Create Coupon Website on WordPress

How to Create Coupon Website on WordPress

Do you want to create a WordPress coupon site?

A coupons website is an affiliate marketing site that assists customers in obtaining discounts and fantastic deals. You also get paid as a commission. This is a well-known method of making money online.

In this article, I’ll show you how to quickly and easily establish a coupon website on WordPress without any coding knowledge.

What are the requirements for creating a coupon website on WordPress?

To create a coupon website on WordPress, you’ll need the following two items.

Domain – Users will type your domain name into browsers (for example, to see your site.

Web hosting – All websites on the Internet must be hosted, which requires the use of hosting. This is where you’ll keep all of your files.

Following that, you must install WordPress. Here’s a tutorial: How to Create a WordPress Website (How to Install WordPress)

Then you’ll need to install a Coupon theme (Affiliate Marketing Theme) and a Coupon Code Plugin.

How Do I Make a WordPress Coupon Site?

The WordPress Coupon Plugin must first be installed and activated. This plugin allows you to create three different sorts of coupons Coupon\Deal\Image.

Using shortcodes, the plugin allows you to add coupons and deals to your posts and pages. You may also use the widget to display coupons and bargains in your sidebar or other widget places.

Click on Coupons >> Add New Coupon after enabling the plugin. Now you must input your coupon’s title, description, coupon code, affiliate URL, and expiration date. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

How to Create Coupon Website on WordPress

After you’ve included a coupon, you’ll need to insert a shortcode into your article to make it visible. The shortcode can be found on the Coupon List page. From there, you can copy and paste it into the post editor.

However, the simplest method is to use the ‘Add Coupon’ button next to the Add Media button in the post editor.

How to Create Coupon Website on WordPress

When you click it, a pop-up window will appear. A list of all the coupons you’ve uploaded will appear. Choose the promo code you’d want to include in your post or page. Then select ‘Insert Coupon Shortcode’ from the drop-down menu.

How to Create Coupon Website on WordPress

Now save your post, and your shortcode will appear in it. You’ll see your additional discount or deal when you go to your site and open the article.

I hope this article helps you in setting up a WordPress coupon site.

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