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WOW: Make $1000+ a Month From Google by Copy Paste

Copy Paste and make money online in five Steps. Step 1 Copy Text > Step 2 to Paste that text > Step 3 Submit that Text > Step 4 Wait for a minute> Step 5 get your Money! Yes absolutely with these 5 steps you are going to make thousands of dollars per month 

You going to make Passively Thousands of Dollars per month also automatically within the next few months and you don’t want to invest any money and this method works in every country in the world and you can do this method with your mobile phone itself get ready for the life-changing tutorial.

This is going to be divided into actionable that which you can easily follow this happen if you want to work for you each and every step in taking action on just watch the video because it will not work if it is what you didn’t take action and won’t make any money and all but if you complete this steps that would make a difference anyways first start with how will combine these tool with Google to make money without owning a website.

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About This Module:

  • This one can complete with five steps.
  • You don’t want to invest any amount for this makes money online module.
  • Do this work with Your Smartphone or PC.
  • This Make Money Online Module working in Any Country.
Copy Paste

Blueprint of Copy Paste Make Money Online Module:

Step 1

Find any best SEO Tools like SEMrush, Mangools, or any other SEO tool with high affiliate commission and join that affiliate program always focus on the single affiliate product as a beginner after join in the best high paying SEO tool affiliate program grab your affiliate link.

Step 2

In this Digital world, there are millions of blogs are there everyone’s motive is want to rank first on google especially Business websites or Organization Website because if they rank number one only their business will run at best level so they always ready to spend a huge amount in ranking their website in number one. That type of people or organization only our target Yes always focus targeted audience with a single affiliate product.

Step 3

Now Your Question is how to find organization For that simple answer is google Yes, With Google only we are going to complete our work. Search in google like hotels, Dental Clinics, Hostels, resorts that type Organization. Go to Google and in the settings option, Click Advance search enter your targeted audience, and set your language and region search now.

copy paste
copy paste module Contact us Option in every blog Credit
Contact us Option in every blog Credit

After getting google search results to scroll down or go to ranking down sites because they only want to rank at the top of google we need to target those persons after Finding any organization everyone will give contact us or their contact email address grab that email address.

Step 4

After Grabbing more organization emails just sent bulk emails to them on youtube there are more free ways to send bulk emails to check that option on Youtube. Always send email script in friendly manner like

“Hi I’m Dhanush I too running an online business at the beginning I feel very tough to rank number one after using few tools Now I ranking number one and my business also running great I saw that your site is not ranking so I just my experience You like to know more about this email me” send like this friendly mail you will get minimum 10% replies to maintain friendly and trustable conversation after creating trustable conversation you send your affiliate link.

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Step 5

After your customer succefull purchace You will get your commison withdrawal that commision into your wallet and Enjoy! Ok now you have few questions how this will work automated? At the begginig every bussiness need some effort like that only this bussiness also you need to give some effort for this succefull automation just set 100 customers they will monthly you to will monthly recuirement bassed this only automated.

NOTE: Select affiliate Products in monthly requirements bassed offering and Cheap and best-valued tool for getting a quick result! Some Best tools are Semrush, Ahrefs, SE Ranking, Moz Pro, SpyFu, Serpstat, Act-On, Siteimprove. Mangools.


I think this will be very useful for new affiliate marketers Yes this one of the beginner affiliate marketing tricks this only some people are buying as a paid course. In the beginning, everything will tough always try to set one business then it will make money for you while you sleep also comment your doubts and anything about this module.

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